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Paper By Moe

12 Month Mauve Pink Budget Planner

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You know what sucks about budgeting? It’s not realistic or colorful! What fun is that? (I’ll tell you) NONE . 
Make budgeting exciting with appealing colors, stickers and gadgets. You turn a boring situation into an interesting one☺️

Whether, you are gen z, millennial, or any other generation, budgeting is super important and in order to keep your finances in order, you have to budget! 




Basic Planner:  Planner only

This planner allows you to budget, manage, and calculate your monthly income and 3 paychecks, a month, while also allowing you to keep up with your monthly goals and debt progress.


  • 80 pages (including both cover pages)
  • Size: 9.5x11.2 inches (including the coil)
  • 8.5x11 inches (size of the paper)
  • Paper Type: White cardstock, double-sided print
  • Cover Page: Laminated white cardstock
  • Back Page: Laminated white cardstock
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Coil: Black plastic coiling
  • Color: Mauve Pink, Black & White ( may look different on different monitors/screens)

Included Pages:

  • 12 blank calendars ( 1 per month)
  • 12 Monthly To-Do List (1 per month)
  • 12 Monthly Goals Sheet (1 per month)
  • 12 notes ( 1 per month)
  • 12 Monthly Budgets ( 1 per month)
  • 36 Paychecks (3 per month)
  • 12 Sinking fund ( 1 per month)
  • 36 Transaction sheet (1 per paycheck, 3 per month) 
  • 12 Debt Tracker (1 per month)
  • 1 Yearly Review
  • 1 Bill Tracker

Deluxe Budget Set

Planner Tabs:
Planner tabs will come with the planners. The tabs will NOT be on the planner, you can simply remove the tape and stick the tabs wherever you desire. The months will be printed on the tab. You will get the white 12 month adhesive tabs that are also available in the shop. 

 Budget Sticker Sheet:
This sticker sheet is for budgeting. You are able to decorate your budget planner with this set of 176 glossy stickers:
3 months of calendar numbers (31 days) =93
4 flowers
9 Bill Due
5 Day Off
3 Affirmations
4 Manifest
7 Appointment
4 To Do
4 Save
6 Budget
4 Rain
6 Just God Paid
6 Exercise 
2 Smiley Face
6 Best Day Ever
4 Eat Out
6 Shopping
6 Shopping Carts

*With the stickers, they may not all be in the same order as the picture and there may be different counts, but shouldn't get any amount less than stated in description* 


Reusable Cash Slips:
This is a 3x3 laminated card stock ( in the color of the planner) reusable cash slip to go to the bank and give the bank teller. It allows you to break down your denominations while also stating what account you want the money to come from. 

- For PERSONAL use only
- Copyright remains with the designer

-All items are home-made and may have a little error


Paper By Moe takes 1- 2 weeks for processing your order and approximately 1 week for the shipping process. Please note that everything is handmade and made to perfection. 

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