My Financial Freedom Journey


My name is Moe. I am the creator and owner of Paper By Moe.

The pandemic has allotted me so much time to have to reflect on my financial journey and lack of progress. 

I recently graduated from grad school in December 2019 and I have created 6 figures worth student loan debt. $107, 683.10

Within the first year of my journey, Summer 2020 to Summer 2021, I have managed to pay off  all of my credit card debt and car loan debt totaling up to about $16,000. 

My goal moving forward is to create affordable budgeting tools and resources ( printables, planners, etc..), document my journey via YouTube, while also making side money from Paper By Moe to allow me to become debt free, while preparing for life's financial ups and downs, and attaining assets.

I am so grateful you have stopped by. Please take a look at the resources I provide on this website and join the community! 



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