Policies & Terms

Thank you for your interest in Paper By Moe. Below address a list of Terms that you agree to when you purchase a product or download a free item.

Our privacy policy was last updated February 2023

Shipping & Processing 

Paper By Moe takes 1- 2 weeks for processing your order and approximately 1 week for the shipping process. Please note that everything is handmade and made to perfection. 

Handmade - Minor Error

Every design, printable, and planner are homemade. They may contain minor errors or imperfections. Please bring any error to the owner's concern and we will be sure to address it.

Using Designs or Intellectual Policy 

Every design, including but not limited to free resources, on this website was uniquely made by Paper By Moe. You do not have the right to recreate, copy, or sale any of this intellectual property as the copyright remains with the designer. 


Refund Policy 

Any digital or printable item purchased cannot be 'returned' or 'refund'. It is impossible to return any digital item, therefore you are not able to receive a refund.

However, please express your discontent with the product with us, through the 'Contact Us' page and we will try our best to meet your needs.


Your Personal Information

The information given to PaperByMoe, is only information relating to your account and purchase such as login, email, password, birthday ( for possible rewards), payment information, address, and others. 

This information is ONLY used for your purchases, your account, and any of your inquiries.

How is your information secured

Information is secured by using HTTPS & encryption