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Paper By Moe

Pink Bible Study Planner Sheet Printable

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This is great for anyone who wants to spunk up their bible study notes.

Pink: 3 variations of pink, chocolate brown, black, & white with flower décor

Includes, sections to:
-Document the subject of your study
-Every story in the Bible has something new you can learn from it, document it... in 'New Discovery, I Made'
- Take note of what God has done in the stories you read, in 'What I Learned About God'
-Take note of actions you can take forward with you in your walk of life in 'What I Can Practice In My Everyday Life'
-Long section to take detailed notes, in 'Notes'
- List of old testament and new testament bible books to circle, in 'Books'

This is a 1 page PDF

- For PERSONAL use only
- Copyright remains with the designer