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Paper By Moe

Daily Gratitude & Manifestation Sheet

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1 page
colors: Black, White & Gray (color may look different on different screens)
Size: 8.5x11 inches
Format: PDF

This is a one page printable daily motivation & gratitude tracker/ journal entry. This planner is great for those working on their manifesting, affirmations, gratitude, appreciation, and overall happiness.

This printable has 2 halves, that includes the Morning and the Night routine.

Morning Routine:
1 Morning Mantra
5 Today's Goal
5 'I am" Affirmations
4 Morning Gratitude statements
1 'Today is going to be a great day because' line

Night Routine:
5 Today's Accomplishments
2 Triggers you experienced
2 Things you could do better
4 Night Gratitude statements
1 Night Mantra