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Paper By Moe

Money In Order: October 4 Week Challenge

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Do you feel like your money is in order? Do you know what happens to every dollar when you get paid? Do you have realistic financial goals?

If you answered no to any of those questions, this is the money challenge for you.

This is a DIGITAL 4 part money challenge, where you get your finances in order!

Pages: 9 total pages :1 info page & 8 pages in the challenge
Colors: White, Brown, Black, Orange, Burnt Orange, Burgundy ( may look different on some screens )
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Pages Include

- WEEK 1:Document your Financial Situation: Go over your money at a detailed glance.
     -List your income
     -List your variable expenses
     -List your fixed expenses
     -List your debt 

- WEEK 2: Document your financial goals
     -Make a detailed list of financial goals and use the S.M.A.R.T method

WEEK 3: Create & Document your sinking funds
     -List the sinking funds and the goals... and how much you need to put towards the goal

WEEK 4: Execute
     -Create actionable items and a time line for your goals

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